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Sabrina Monfared

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your website! May it flourishes every day.

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Elham & Reza Sangabi

truly talented! fantastic mixture of love, art and colors! Loving your work!

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Matthew Geller

So creative and unique. I need one of these on display in my home. Congratulations Dr. Zahra!

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Ava Amrieh

Your work is amazing. Can't wait to attend more of your galleries in the future. Keep on shining sweet Zahra.

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Mohammad Samim

So refreshing to find out another dimension of your talent. Creative, peaceful, and mesmerizing. Keep it up!

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My talented friend,
Must be so rewarding to find another dimension in your life! You are truly talented and I absolutely love how you have used your observations in pathology to create a unique presentation of art!

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Mohammad Rezapour

I found your paintings very interesting and unique. My first impression after looking at those sample works was the translation of histology architecture into painting. It is impressive and courageous that after all those years in medicine you are letting your true passion to surface. Best wishes and say my hi to lovely Saba.

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Ann Punsoni

Your work is stunning! I can feel the passion and freedom in your work. Look forward to seeing these beautiful works of art with my own eyes one day!


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