A Little Intro


Zahra Jlayer is a physician pathologist and former medical examiner.  She is currently residing in New York. She grew up in an artistic environment. Her dad was a self-thought artist and poet and soon Zahra being inspired by her dad fell in love with painting. She hardly found peaceful time to spend on painting while she was in medical school, nevertheless her immense desire for painting remained alive. She tried to satisfy her craving for art by curating exhibitions for her dad and her sister, who is also an artist and gifted painter.

It was following her graduation from pathology residency in New York that Zahra found more time to go back to her passion. Working with microscope and looking at the human body at cellular level became her inspiration for the world of “abstract art”.

She found the freedom in contemporary art so appealing. After her dad passed away, she rooted back to the canvas and paint. It made Zahra feel closer to her dad and sense his presence through her work.
She loves fluid art and pour painting, through which she explores the beauty and complexity of vibrant collection of colors. One can find energy, light and warmth in most of her paintings. She attempts to connect with people’s souls through her work and transfer positive energy to viewers.

We would welcome you to enjoy visiting some of her art pieces of this exciting talented artist via this website. Let her energy and positive vibes inspire you and your surroundings.

My Exhibitions

Calendar of 2017

April 29th: Chelsea Music & Art Festival

May 6th: Mamaroneck Artists Guild, Momaroneck

June 8th: Live Painting at Chasham Gala, New York

July 8th: The New Hope Gallery Receptionm, New Hope

Aug 16th: Live Painting at Conception Contemporary Art Show, Boston